Fourmile Sunshine Canyon Ride Report

Aug 27, 2009
Dave's headed to Detroit today to "see what he can do to help"; good luck, my friend.

Foiled again!

Indeed, construction at the base of Fourmile convinced me to ride up Sunshine instead today. That tight section at the bottom of Fourmile, where the gap separating the guardrails and the noontime "N" bus is measured in millimeters, just didn't appeal to me.

Complicating matters, I seemed to have forgotten to eat breakfast this morning, despite having been very good about it lately. A quick bowl of yogurt and granola, followed by some multigrain crackers and a banana did the trick.

I'm sure Underwood would've tried to test the fortitude of my stomach after such a last-minute feast, but lucky for me, that scoundrel is out of town.

Miss that twirp already!

Remember: Mount Evans Ride on Saturday, September 19!

Your opinion matters here. According to the last poll, five of you have signed up to ride Mount Evans this coming September 19. Beau Jo's afterwards too!

Can't wait!!