Maloney Retirement Ride Report

Aug 19, 2009

Drafting behind this crew was a dream! Like swimming with the current in Hurricane Bill

Wow! What a great cast today!!

Joining Dennis on the spin sendoff were: Julian, Nick, Hideo, Greg, Rob, Kevin, DU, Cavs, and moi. I think I actually pedaled once during the whole tour, thanks to "the tall guys."

We all wish Dennis good luck in his next great adventure. As a preview, Dennis sent us his to-do list for Tuesday, September 8th (his first day of real retirement):

  • sleep in
  • chew and enjoy breakfast
  • ride 26 miles, while daydreaming
  • yoga
  • shoot 9 holes of golf
  • go to grilling class with daughters
  • make plans to repeat without forgetting water cooler duty on Wednesday

Ambitious, if you ask me. Thanks to everyone for joining the fun today!