On Your Own Report

Aug 18, 2009

From the good folks at Fail Blog: "Understanding Automatic Door Fail" (poor guy)

It's always fun to go to the new faculty fair. It's kind of like when the new students move in. Lots of expectations and excitement. I enjoy the vibe, anyhow.

Did get out for a quick recovery ride today on Super-Flag. Not sure how or why I convince myself that Super-Flag is a good place to recover, but I did manage to take it easy...I think. Only time will tell.

Saw Herr Doktor Kinsman riding his mountain bike up near the dreaded 20% stretch. He was looking fluid and strong, as ever.

As a total aside, looks like the Frenz failed in their quest to woo Favre out of retirement. Too bad we haven't yet freed up Maloney's salary. If we had, I think we could've sealed the deal. Seriously, I can't believe it!

Speaking of Maloney, don't miss his farewell ride on Neva tomorrow. A bunch of folks intend on gathering at 11:30a @ Stadium Gate 5. Should be fun!

Mount Evans, Saturday, September 19th?

We have five folks who can ride Mount Evans on Saturday the 19th, so let's put it on the calendar!

We should probably leave the 20th open too (if you can), in case there's one weekend day better than the other.