Flagstaff Ride Report

Aug 7, 2009

Steve and Dave in Grumpy Old Men, 1993

Great numbers on today's ride, partly because we were able to guilt-trip Greg into riding. We were also fortunate to have Adriana and Berly join our lowly ranks, which helped keep our conversations out of the usual gutter.

This was Berly's first Flagstaff ride, and she made it beyond the dreaded Flagstaff House, where nearly every newbie does an about-face. Well done, Berly!

Greg threw down the gauntlet too, proving iSean isn't the only one who can push a single-speed Bianchi up Flag. How are your knees feeling now, Greg?

Adriana showed spritely form, bounding through corners and up the many rises with aplomb. We were all duly impressed. Has she been hitting the weight room?!

Dave and I were our usual dour selves, grumbling about the good old days when we didn't have to tolerate all these "other people", least of all each other. You know what they say about "old dogs"...