Northwest Passage Fourmile Ride Report

Aug 5, 2009
Poor Duzer! Anyone know a bike shop that could help him out back there?
UPDATE: Duzer's back in business! Someone was able to fix his bike. He's got 40mi left of the x-c trip.

Dave and I decided against Northwest Passage for fear it would be too much like riding in a sand trap at this time of year.

Fourmile was a great alternative! We had the benefit of a tailwind, which was refreshing, even though temps were a comfortable 76°F.

The back end of my bike developed a wobble on the way down and I wondered if my new seat's cushiness might be the cause. Nope. Turns out I had a slow leak, so I was glad I stopped to air up before descending the dreaded Canyon.

Time for a new tube.