Irony Ride (Sunshine) Flag Report

Jul 21, 2009

The shroud of fog and 55°F temps were enough to deter the fair weather Frenz. Or, more likely, they had work to do. As usual, I had blocked the lunch hour off.

Dave had to leave early today to tend to his pooch Georgie, who just had a cyst removed. Please think positive thoughts for her.

Anyhow, the ride this noon-hour was fantastic. No rain, just cool vapors. I chose Flag just in case it did rain—quick escape. It felt more like mid-May than mid-July, and I half expected to see a light coat of snow on the slopes.

Could it be that I'm pining for fall/winter already? Yesterday's hailstorm and relentless thunder was something else, huh?

Any Arvada or Broomfield residents get severe weather?