Benign Neglect Comes Home to Roost

Jul 6, 2009

Wow, turn your back for a few months and look what happens!.

I snapped this pic up in Sunshine Canyon the other day. Looks as if it's time to don our orange vests and save the world... again. Whoever said adopting a highway was going to be easy? See the new poll for details.

I'm headed up to Sugarloaf today. Anyone care to ride along? Let me know... 2-2672

Also, Jennifer and I represented the Frenz in a positive way (there's a first for everything) last week. While walking on the South Boulder Creek Trail, we came across Norma, a feisty ninety-something from the Golden West Nursing Home who had taken a fall and lay bleeding in the weeds. We got her up, calmed her down, and rolled her back to her car on her walker. Very sweet lady, but when Gunther told her we charge for rescues, she got a little angular on us. Kidding, of course; it was actually a pleasure helping such a lovely person, and we were glad she wasn't seriously hurt.