Did Michael Jackson Die for Our Sins?

Jun 29, 2009
yikes Appearing soon on a tortilla near you.

You'd think so, given the great gnashing of teeth and high-pitched ululation this week. I have to agree with iSean, though; it's sad, but not that sad. Coming home from Austin Saturday, I was pestered by an unending picket of hotel and airport plasma screens, each bursting with clips of the White Elvis in full air-humping moonwalk. The barrage was inescapable, and I found myself wishing James Brown had died (again) instead. I thought he danced w-a-a-y better, and, as a bonus, his sleep-overs were limited to big kids. Celebs come and go, just like the rest of us, but the feel this week was that we did this to Jocko. We plucked this manboy unceremoniously from his youth and forced him down the same hole Howard Hughes excavated years ago. MJ's attorney said the death came about because Jackson was trying to force his bleached, whittled, 50 year-old body to get up and perform one more time. (Tell me about it; I've spent countless hours doing the same thing, chasing Bailey and Stauffer all the hell over Boulder County, refusing to act my age. Maybe I should try riding with one glove.) If only we'd given him some space. I was sitting at Gate 24 in Austin International and on the TV hanging above, a crowd of mourners was losing the battle for control near a heap of flowers and assorted Michaelabilia. I really was starting to feel the pain when a guy next to me in a CBGB T-shirt said, "Looks like a sting operation for losers." Cold. You can discuss this and more today on your ride up SuperFlag w/ iSean. Give him a buzz. DU