Historical Significance

Jun 22, 2009

In Bailey's worst decision yet, he's given me editorial privileges to this sorry excuse for a blog. In keeping with DU's theme set on Friday, this week, we'll be looking at the makeup of the Frenz. What makes them tick? What ever could have happened to them as a child to make them the way they are now? Head trauma, lack of key enzymes, unresolved Oedipus Complexes... everything will be explored under the (shiny, semi-transparent) microscope of iSean.

In the meantime, Dave suggested heading north today and doing a spin out to Neva. Let's meet at ATLAS at 12:45 (I have a 2p meeting, hence the weird start time).

The veritable Mr. Leary joined today. He and I ended up doing a modified Boxing Boulder ride, putting me in right before my meeting.

Dave decided not to show, putting him squarely in my sights. Beware DU. Hell hath no fury like an iSean scorned.