New Hampshire Looks Backwards Toward the Future

Jun 19, 2009

New Urbanism, New Hampshire style

New Hampshire and progressive ideas seem to go naturally go together, just like WD40 and phrenology.

Think "living off the grid" is a radical new concept? Well, the folks in New Hampshire have been doing just that for decades. And it's not only the power grid they've left behind; New Hampshire's "granite heads" are staying clear of the hygiene and culture grids as well. In fact, the state's residents are at the forefront of the "Take Back the Darkness" movement, and they've proven to the world that, with a little Yankee ingenuity, it's still possible to freeze quietly, alone, and in the dark.

You see, in New Hampshire, "going green" means much more than simple food poisoning.

And what about same sex marriage? Sorry, but that is sooo passé. In New Hampshire, same sex marriage is old hat. Here it's no-sex marriage that's making all the buzz, and experts predict that soon citizens in other parts of the country will be experimenting with refrigerated bedrooms, starched wool long johns, and "Late Nights with Dave," just like New Hampshire's brave sexual pioneers. As an activist recently said at a no-sex rally in the state's capital, "Why should celibacy end with marriage?"

Is the no-sex phenomenon coming to your town soon? If so, you can thank a "granite head" who hasn't been there, hasn't done that.

But don't get the wrong idea. As progressive as the nation's fifty-first state is, it's the old values that still hold sway and help keep folks centered. When your tour guide finally wakes up, ask him to show you the massive stone copy of the Forty-Seven Commandments in Stanley Park, or the site of New Hampshire's first fatal town-council donnybrook in Lintborough (the walleye scaler has been bronzed and is on permanent display!).

You'll see that the less things change more they stay the same. Or something along those lines.

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