The Road to Nowhere

Jun 18, 2009

New Hampshire's modern highway system is the envy of the world Somalia.

We've lost the Baileys.

Frenzy HQ was tracking them last night at about 11:15 PM when, inexplicably, they went missing. It could be a problem with the Frenzy GPS, but we just put fresh batteries in it last week, so that's not likely to be the cause.

No, sadly, the more probable explanation is peat moss. New Hampshire is roughly 95% peat moss, and if SB has pulled one of his typical shenanigans and gone off-trail in search of adventure, then all bets are off. We'll keep you posted.

And speaking of roads to nowhere... Kevin is lobbying for the NCAR ride today. Noon. I'm not sure yet where he's staging. Buzz him.

I'm more interested in Four Mile today. Buzz me if you'd prefer a road to somewhere; 2-2672


iSean Edit: K-No and I are doing NCAR at noon, meeting up at the construction site TCOM.