Haven't the Foggiest...

Jun 17, 2009

A beautiful summer day in upstate New Hampshire. The historic Randolph Hotel is seen just to the left of Oakmont Island. In the background, the Presidential Range marches majestically toward Canada.

I stumbled across the official state song of New Hampshire the other day, thought I'd share.

Old New Hampshire

Gather Ye your slickers
And step out in the rain
And rail Ye toward the Heavens
And take His name in vain.

For yea, Ye Granite Staters, 
It's pouring once again,
And has been without cessation
Since Mom got out of the pen.

Yea, it's springtime in New Hampshire,
When our hopes swirl down the drain,
And on Grandma's north side,
There's a coat of moss again.

But fret Ye not, my Homeys,
For depression we're not wont,
Remember it could be much worse...
We could all live in Vermont.

No me today... hoofin' later this afternoon, but sequestered in a meeting over the lunch hour. Call iSean if you'd like to chase him up Flagstaff.