Flying the Friendly Skies Report

May 29, 2009

Smoking or non-smoking?

In case you haven't heard, iSean gave a free-flight clinic in Boulder Canyon Wednesday as he vaulted effortlessly over the handlebars of his mighty green Bianchi. He was just entering the much-dreaded venturi near the Elephant Buttress when the winds began to play Tom Doodle with his line. A wobble here, a wobble there, and in a short heartbeat the single-speed king found himself airborne.

EndoSean may be a good flyer, but he ain't much of a lander. He thumped himself pretty good on touchdown, and now we hear the Boulder County Highway guys are demanding he come back to fill in his divot.

Could've been worse, though... Any time you find yourself unhorsed in Boulder Canyon there's reason to sweat; the druids from Nederland purposely aim for road kill.

Way to shake it off, Sean. We'll look for you on Flag today!