The Audacity of Dopes

May 19, 2009
Which is Steve and which is Dave? Sometimes even we can't tell.

Hot on the heels of his recent best seller, "Ambassadors in Pinstripes," Tom Zeiler starts field work this week for his next hard-hiting tome, "Simpletons in Spandex." The book, a full-frontal view of intelligent design's fatal defects, examines how two thought-free male subjects - we'll call them Steve and Dave - create and inhabit a delicate fantasy world in which they are athletic, smart, and well-liked. Using Hunter Thompson's "Hell's Angels" as a model, Dr. Zeiler intends to "embed" himself with his subjects over the coming months, hoping to glean enough useful material to finish the book before the Frenz' manifest shortcomings begin to rub off. We wish him luck. And this just in... Let's all raise a glass to Adriana Raudzens Bailey who just received an NSF fellowship. Shazam! As if it wasn't enough she could ride like the wind. No me today; I'm hoofing. And Steve is meeting-bound. Go play. DU