Thirty Seven; the New Sixty Report

Apr 22, 2009

Coming soon to a PDA near you

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic ride, great presents (Pringles, tee-shirt, coffee mug, scissors, and cards), even better company, and first-rate pranks. I have the best Frenz a guy could ask for!


Dave's Morning Invitation

SB takes another step toward the hole today as he celebrates his thirty-seventh birthday. Let's try to lift his spirits with a "celebratory" ride up Four Mile.

I know, I know; I've seen the quirky little movements myself, and I've heard the incessant, obscenity-flecked twaddle as our brave comrade struggles through yet another workday. Indeed, the signs are all there; he's aging faster than deviled eggs in a parked car. We roll our eyes in meetings and wonder what the students must think as he shuffles about the Humanities basement looking for his office.

Celebrating this super-slo-mo trainwreck might feel like staging a Christmas play in a prison camp, but I want to do it, darn it, and I need spotters.

So bring a candle and a smile and meet us on the north steps of Humanities at 12:10. I'll run inside and wake him up.