Northwest Passage Flag-Neva Loop Ride Report

Feb 24, 2009

JG, you've seen Helvetica, but Dave's talking to Spielberg about a Si Bodwitz documentary. Interest?

Haven't heard from Julian or Cavs as to how their ride went. I'll bet it was nice, for it's in the 60s with little wind. [Thanks again for the invite, guys!]

I bailed on the Northwest Passage idea for two reasons: it's less fun when riding solo (though still fun) but more importantly, I've gotta get home early this afternoon.

Flagstaff was chock-full of cyclists, runners, and wanna-be F1 racers. I rode up in shorts and a short-sleeve jersey with the zipper down. Rode down with a vest on, but didn't really need it.

I suppose our only hope for knee-deep snow this year will be March, which will mean a day or two of big snows, followed by banana-belt 70°F weather. C'est la vie!