Laying Low, Day Two

Feb 4, 2009
Sometimes love wears a very stern face

Two things struck me yesterday as I crawled out from under the anesthetic. One; as a recreational drug, cortisone has some catchin' up to do. And two; my doctor. She rapped me across the snout w/ her stethoscope and told me this time I really need to take it easy or else. "I'm tired of pumping drugs into you, then seeing you back on the Frenzy with your delinquent pals the very next day. This time, I mean it: TAKE IT EASY! You're not a kid anymore... Hell, you're not even middle-aged anymore." "So you're saying wait until, like, Wednesday?" Another instant, sharp ding with the 'scope told me that that was possibly the wrong guess. So let's make it Thursday. (I think Steve is buried again today and I'm under house arrest. Woe is us!) DU