Flagstaff Ride Report

Feb 2, 2009

Zack Underwood at Loch Vale. Dave says, We should do this trail sometime!

Not to be outdone! Dennis at the 10th Mountain Hut near Tennessee Pass

Great ride today! Dave and I enjoyed the cool but comfy conditions, and were only held back from the tippy top by one pernicious snow drift. Thanks, Dave!

Dave and Zack's Sunday Ski Report
The Park was beautiful today. Z and I skied up to Loch Vale. I'm beat to a pulp tonight from countless falls but they were all from being a bumbling klutz, not from vapor lock or whatever.

Though Adriana and I weren't nearly as ambitious, we skied up the Rollins Pass Road a ways yesterday. Because it was Superbowl Sunday, all the snowmobilers were absent, so we had the trail to ourselves. Quite good skiing, in fact!

Before skiing, we did our taxes. It was a romantic Sunday.