Gates of the Arctic and a Dispatch from Sunny Acres

Jan 26, 2009

Adriana helps get Steve back in time for Bingo

I just dropped by the nursing home. It was time for the daily wet mop and they wanted visitors to step out for a bit. I told Steve I'd be right back, but I won't, not that it matters; in his state all things are ephemeral, and now is then and then was never. Since he hurt his back, SB has become what his caregivers call a "roiling vortex of need." I tried telling his nurse that he wasn't always like this, that he was young and vital once. She just giggled, and as she stuck the Post-It note on his forehead ("Checked underwear Monday AM.. Check again Thursday"), she said, "That's what they all say." I'm doing Flag at noon. Takers?