Flagstaff Retry Report

Jan 21, 2009

Hiking to Gray Knob Cabin in New Hampshire's Presidential Range

Great company and ride up the hill today. We even saw Brian Hutchison, who followed up Flagstaff with a short sprint up Poorman. Yikes! Shorts and short-sleeves. Unreal!

For my dad's Christmas gift, I digitized some of his old 16mm films

My dad shot these scenes circa 1958-9 in Stark and West Milan, NH. Can you spot the black bear?

The unique sleds were the invention of my great uncle Henry, whom you see at the ice falls in a red wool jacket in a place called Devil's Hopyard. Uncle Henry had a crosscut saw world record (1935) and was renown in the north country for grafting apple tree branches (225 different species on one tree).

I think these digitized clips are fantastic. I had them done professionally in Atlanta at an outfit recommended by Wired Magazine; they're called CinéPost. They use a "wetgate" process to remove scratches and a scene-to-scene color-correction process. Results speak for themselves!