2008- History's Taylor Hicks

Dec 31, 2008

Look familiar? It should; it's your 401k

Happy New Year to all of our Frenzy readers from around the globe! Here's hoping you both have a fabulous 2009 and that the warden lets you guys back into the weight room next year. We still think you got a crappy deal.   What would the new year be without a reflective look back at the previous year's highlights? So before we put on the funny hats and start drinking 'til we turn cubist, let's take a moment to recap 2008's greatest hits. Here they are, in chronological order: That was easy. Thank God history grades on a curve... it's our only hope. I need to stay close to HQ today, so I'll be hitting Flag again, with maybe a little SuperFlag tacked on. Telecom at noon? I'm out Friday. SB would like you all to break up into small groups and discuss ways to be more productive.    Be safe, Frenz!