A Peek Under the Hood

Dec 23, 2008

Being here at Frenzy HQ during the holidays is a bit creepy, I must say.

The Dark Lord (SB) has sent the staff home (laid them off, more likely) and the place is deathly quiet. It feels a bit like The Shining, though not nearly as lighthearted. Since it's so slow, I've taken to poking around in the back rooms and storage closets, and the stuff I've found is truly heart-gagging. Apparently The Dark Lord's hygiene training got lost somewhere in the shuffle. And I gotta' tell ya': typing with rubber gloves is no cakewallk!

I'm walking today. JG has a theory that my limping is simply a problem of imbalance. She feels certain that if I trash my right knee as badly as the left, voila!, problem solved. We're doing Kohler Mesa and I hope she's right. If you'd like to see science in action, give me a buzz; 2-2672.