Northwest Passage Report

Nov 24, 2008

Great spin this afternoon. We were a little chilly leaving Humanities, but after a little while in the sun, we were nice and toasty.

We took a right at the dirt fork today, as opposed to the traditional left, and the road was in decent shape. A few patches of surface mud, but no quicksand. Excellent conditions compared to last time we rode that section.

Dave's right: I did wash my clothes and survive a sewage mishap while moonlighting for the City. Now I know what people mean when they say: I just can't wash out that garlic smell.

Super-Sugarloaf Tomorrow

Don't forget to ask your boss for a little extra lunch time tomorrow. There may even be a little surprise en route for those brave enough to challenge this course.

Matt Burton Chimes In

This just in from Florida:

This past week was quite epic in terms of workload and fun. I had both my first checkride and my first solo in the T-34C on Monday. On Tuesday I started the precision aerobatics block. It's probably the most fun I've ever had in an airplane. Not only do I get to do aerobatics in the T-34C along the Gulf Coast but they want me to do them solo this week and they are paying me for it! Life doesn't get much better than that. I hope to make it through aerobatics and start the formation flying block before the Christmas break.

Biking is, unfortunately, a once-a-week hobby at most. The ever-changing flight schedule and the early sunsets make it difficult to ride on weekdays. The odometer is getting up into the 3800 mile range... on the original front tire and tube!

Unbelievable! 3800 miles on the same tire/tube combo?! The Force is strong with that one.