Flagstaff Ride Report

Nov 21, 2008

Another great video vignette from Paul Frederick

Well, as it turned out, Dave wasn't able to join us today. Shucks. Maybe Gunther will actually hop on a bike next week, so we can get our share of Dave time.

Anyhow, I was solo today, which ended up being good, for I checked my front tire pressure while waiting and realized it was at 45psi—not so good for road biking.

After getting some air, I headed up Baseline, where I espied Greg composting his knees running toward Chautauqua. I was sure to point out that it was warm enough to ride in short sleeves, but Greg answered with a flippant guffaw.

Despite the swirling crosswinds, the ride was just peachy. Not a soul at the summit; only the sound of the wind. In the distance, I could see some dark clouds enshrouding the Indian Peaks and the infamous brown cloud squatting on the Eastern Plains.

Apart from the now outlawed Criminal Intent, this is the most epic Frenzy lunch ride by far!

Next week is fall break, which means you can ask your respective bosses for more ride-time. You'll want to for sure, because we're aiming to ride Super-Sugarloaf on Tuesday.

Carve out about 2hrs around noon, boss-permitting of course. The pace will be slow, as there's a lot of dramatic, quasi-technical climbing.