Betasso Flagstaff Ride Report

Nov 18, 2008

Today, Steve got schooled in the ways of cycling

Dave and the crew skipped town on me today, so I figured I'd be riding alone. But, when I stepped out the door today, lo and behold, there was Brian Hutchison.

Now, I won't attribute any malicious intent to Mr. Hutchison—I'm sure he was just looking for some company on his lunch ride. But, despite his innocent intentions, I had a feeling I was in for a painful day in the saddle.

I wasn't disappointed.

The full cycling team kit served notice that I was in for some suffering. That wasn't all that worried me, though.

Indeed, Mr. Hutchison was running a non-compact crankset. What earthly cyclist rides Flag with those gears?! He then informed me he was going medium intensity on this afternoon's ride: climbing the 10% grades exclusively in the big ring. Of course, I think he was just trying to make me feel better; he was likely at easy intensity.

Anyhow, my hackles verily raised, I resigned myself to wheel-clinging, figuring it best to hang on for dear life. I'd hate to see this guy's high intensity days.

Anyhow, as I lost contact on the third of Three Easy Pieces, I heard Phil and Paul saying, Oooh, Bailey's dropped. He's got to be careful here. He's got to ride within himself up to the summit.

Indeed, I felt a little like Jan Ullrich looking down at the pedals wondering where the power went.

Great ride, Brian! Thanks for joining us. Please feel free to tag along again during one of your very easy days.