Flagstaff Ride Report

Nov 7, 2008

Too bad I didn't have a camera! On the return flight to campus, I saw the grounds crew raking leaves. The winds are gusting to 40mph, and these poor folks are raking leaves! Reminded me of a Camus tale.

The ride was blustery, even for Flagstaff! Still, I was astounded by the number of cyclists I saw today. Usually, everyone's scared away from the mountains at the first sign of bad weather. Apparently, wind doesn't count.

I'm really digging the closed gate! Makes the Amphitheater Road our very own sanctum sanctorum. The more so today since Dave's off fishing, Rob's sick, and Greg/K-No are probably in a fun Friday meeting.

Since I was alone, I didn't have to worry about practicing good manners. Thank goodness.

My dad arrives tonight, and so I'll be on vacation on Monday and Tuesday. I may just try to sneak out for a ride, so stay tuned. I'll get a new poll up today too. Have a great weekend, all!

Dennis's Sendoff Ride

Dennis has identified Thursday next week as a possible Neva Loop Sendoff Ride, in view of his looming retirement. Hopefully a number of you lurkers will come out of the woodwork for this good cause!