Decision 08

Nov 4, 2008

Dave, Greg, K-No, and I will be in a meeting until 13h. Dave's covering for Mr. Riggs, so he might not be able to make a post-meeting ride. But, I'd like to get out. I may just dial up Flag again, if anyone's interested.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the gate on the Amphitheater Road is now closed, which means we've got the summit to ourselves until May 1. Yippee!!

Tomorrow, Sir Brian Kent has agreed to run up Initiation. Who's in? The weather's shaping up just right.

Steve taking care of his little sister

As a final aside, after years of cajoling and allaying irrational fears of mountain lions, I've finally convinced my sister to move to Boulder!! She'll be here on the 18th. Unlike me, she has talent, so if you know of interesting jobs, lemme know. She can only stack wood and shine my shoes for so long.