Fourmile Canyon Super-Sugarloaf Ride Report

Oct 1, 2008

Apart from the now outlawed Criminal Intent, this is the most epic Frenzy lunch ride by far!

So, Dave tells me: Let's do an epic ride tomorrow. Always the willing accomplice, I mentioned a ride I've had my eyes on for a while, namely Logan Mill to Arkansas Mountain. Today, I christened it!

It'd be nearly impossible to give someone directions on this route, as there are so many potential wrong turns. I had looked at a Google Map before, but today I had to rely more on the Force than anything else.

Apparently, the Force is strong within me.

Indeed, I had to ignore road signs like Street Closed and Rough Road in order to stay on course. The driver of the white van that passed me near the top of Arkansas Mountain looked truly stunned as I rode by.

Still, this is not much different from Poorman or Northwest Passage, with the exception of its length, 20.5 miles, and of course keeping in mind that much of that distance is loose dirt at an incline of 15% and above.

The beauty of the ride, aside from the sudden views that come out of nowhere, is that each of the steeps is accompanied by a "recovery roost," where you have ample time to prepare for the next climb and admire Fourmile Canyon far below.

Arkansas Mountain Road is a tricky descent, as it's been recently graded and suddenly turns into beach sand. I almost bought the farm once, but it's doable. Took 1.5hrs.

So, if you're up for this adventure sometime soon, vote in today's poll!