Bike Path Spin Flagstaff Assault

Sep 8, 2008

Dave and I must have crossed our wires today. I missed chaperoning him to Flatirons Hospital. Let's wish him well, as he finds out if it is indeed a ruptured disk.

Shortly after you wish him well, it's okay to make fun of him. So here goes.

The reason I missed him was that he gave me the usual Monday morning phone call that runs something like this:

DU: Rush had some really salient points this morning...
SB: [Puts down phone. Gets up to make coffee. 5 minutes pass.]
DU: ...Anyway, that's what G. Gordon Liddy thinks. You there?
SB: Thanks, Dave. Gotta run.

Somewhere in that exchange, I missed that Dave might be running late and we should postpone until a few minutes after 12pm. Oh well.

Good day out there just the same. Saw a deer and redd foxx...oops, I mean a red fox. Today was the first day I got to wear my Smartwool beanie too. Needed it!

I walked out of my office, having just looked at the webcam (since I don't have any windows down in HQ). Darn thing was stuck on an image from yesterday—I missed the Important Notice warning!

Imagine my surprise when the promised sunny skies turned out to be fog and drizzle. The temp at the Mesa Lab was 44°F, which when combined with wet conditions means soup weather.

I'm just now getting the feeling back in my shins. Shouldn't have done the shorts today!