Labor Day Vacation Reports

Sep 1, 2008

Our Labor Day Trip to the Bighorn Range, Wyoming

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Dave's Report

Anyone know these guys?

Why, it's the Masons, Darryl, Dusty, and Buck, three generations of Saguache County game wardens. There's a little stone and plexiglass shrine to them at the entrance to the Mason Family State Wildlife Area on Cebolla Creek, our favorite place to lose the crowds on Labor Day. In fact, it was all ours this weekend, and except for the odd bits of so-called music escaping from the Fender Palomino and the patter of rain on the roof, the place was surreally quiet. No campers, no ATV's, no yuppies in Orvis waders, no Texans in RV's with 80-megawatt generators, no nada.

It's great knowing we can still find places to be alone in Colorado, even on holiday weekends. Frenz tell Frenz about treasures like this, knowing they'll be discreet.