Flagstaff Ride Report

Aug 28, 2008

Like Steve Martin's character in the movie Roxanne, I knew something was wrong with the air as soon as I stepped outside this morning. And, as it so happens, my nose didn't deceive me .

Just now, Noel sent me this note from the Emergency Manager at Environmental Health and Safety:

[T]he smoke may cause minor lung and/or eye irritation, and may be a nuisance for individuals with existing medical conditions such as asthma. To minimize the effects of the smoke, keep windows and doors shut and remain indoors when possible.

Ignoring common sense and basic health practices, Dave, Noel, and I strode up Flagstaff like a couple of cocksure peacocks (consonance).

My throat was really dry the whole way, so I took several pulls off my water bottle. But, Dave says that this is a character-building day ("It's actually good for you," he opined); of course, Dave isn't known for his sense of self-preservation....or his good character.

Dave's bike broke down once more, so Rob has found him a manly new one on Craigslist.