Jamestown Jig Ride Report

Aug 6, 2008

Watch how Dennis keeps Greg from joining a Frenzy ride (courtesy of Greg)

Long meetings kept me occupied right up until ride time. Fortunately, Julian, Greg, and Rob were scheming away. Unfortunately, Greg's plans were scuttled when he learned he was being traded to either Tampa Bay or the NYJ. Sorry, Greg.

Temps are definitely more bearable out there, but today the strong easterly winds were something else! Too bad you can't form an echelon on US36 without getting run over.

Hideo, Rob, and I took it easy, like flaccid flowers in a summer breeze. Julian, on the other hand, had a different mindset, which he revealed in his pre-ride invite (excerpted below):

I hear murmurs of recovery ride blah blah blah

These fightin' words remind me of another tall, athletic Frenzy figure who's on vacation at the moment. Does Julian also have a log book with little crossed out stick figures representing riders he's hunted down and slain?