Flagstaff Ride Report

Aug 4, 2008

Yesterday, Rob and I ran the Niwot Ridge Loop; Rob's preparing for the Pikes Peak Half-Marathon

With the painful reminder of yesterday's pounding 13.3 mile run with Rob through the Indian Peaks still in my legs, I struggled to muster the courage to step out the door today.

It would've been all the easier to say "Screw it!" given that I forgot my jersey and water bottles as well. Perhaps even the claps of thunder or careless foot- and car-traffic should have dissuaded me.

But today was a test, as I see it. At first I resolved to make it up Baseline. Then, I said "Ah, why not Flagstaff House?" Upon reaching that goal, I told myself "Just make it to Crown Rock, then we'll be ahead of the game."

In the end, I rode up to the Amphitheater Road, proud that I didn't quit in the face of adversity.

Metaphorically speaking, when do you guys think one should just turn around? Depends on the situation, I suppose?

As an aside, I forgot that Dave is out of town. So, the long-awaited showdown QB competition didn't happen. Dave has been traded to the Vikings.