Sugarloaf Flagstaff Ride Report

Jul 31, 2008

4,654 visits since Jan 1; I think I know who's responsible for the Latvia and UK visits

I had to summon all my strength just to get out the door today. I'm so tired of this heat that it's becoming hard to motivate. I'm just not sure it's actually healthier to ride.

In any event, as usually happens in these situations, once I hit the road, I was glad to be outdoors. Since no one had time to ride or since they found the 12:30p start time inconvenient, I decided to forgo the dangerous Boulder Canyon and instead tackle Flagstaff.

Ended up tagging along with a current CU student who was quite a talented rider, though he was feeling out of shape. I assured him that 100°F temperatures do that.

Mr. Burton chimed in again yesterday with an update from Pensacola, FL. Here's an excerpt from his latest missive:

My latest adventure was Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (API) at Naval Air Station Pensacola. As you by now I'm doing joint pilot training with the Navy; that is I am in the Air Force and doing an exchange program of sorts.

The last stop before "flying the plane" pilot training is API. It consists of four weeks of in-depth academics covering aerodynamics, weather, systems, flight rules, and navigation. In addition we completed Navy water survival, land survival, and parachute qualification. But enough of my babbling... onto the videos!
The Dreaded Helo Dunker (Video)
Courtesy of a class that came through a couple weeks before I did. We had to take three rides in the darned thing from three different positions. On the last ride we wore goggles that were spray painted black to simulate nighttime conditions.
Redneck Parasailing (Video)
This is the last event before 'graduating' from API. We spend time in both the classroom and in gravel pits practicing our landings prior to the big day. It's 'Redneck' because we're being towed behind an F-350 instead of behind a boat. Can you believe I'm getting paid to do this?!
In true Navy fashion I have about three weeks downtime with minimal work during the week until I start formal pilot training. It kicks off on 25 Aug with two weeks of academics before FINALLY hitting the flight line.

Until then...

Dave, what's your take on all this?