Fourmile Canyon Ride Report

Jul 24, 2008
Dave's Delightful Day in the Saddle

After I last saw you (and after having had my second flat), Dr. No pulled alongside me. We rode up to the gate together, then he aimed for SuperFlag, and I headed back down, being mostly out of time by now.

Halfway down, I snapped another spoke (front wheel) and was riding with a bad case of the wobbles when I had my 3rd flat (front wheel) of the day. I was out of tubes, so I decided to ride it back to the office on the rim, i. e., to-hell-with-it. Noel caught up w/ me back on Baseline and rode alongside me for a bit, but I think the smell of burning rubber from my front wheel really got to him. He offered me a spare tube, but I swear, by this point the idea of changing one more flat gave me the jeebies.


Mr. Burton chimes in from Florida:
As part of the Aviation Preflight Indoctrination (API) course I took a ride in the pressure chamber. The air is gradually sucked out of this chamber until the air is the same thickness (thin- ness?) as it is at 25,000' above sea level.

At minute 5:00 or so, Matt makes his hypoxic appearance
We start out with our oxygen masks on. As part of the training we take the masks off and experience hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen to the brain. The effects are dizziness, lack of motor skills, euphoria, and a light-headed feeling—much like being drunk. We play 'Pensacola Paddy-Cake' to test our abilities.

I'm referred to as "number 11" in the video because I'm sitting in seat 11. The dude playing with the shapes toy is the other Air Force student in my class.

Paddy-cake? Are you sure you're really in the Air Force, Matt?