Bow Mountain Boogie Report

Jul 9, 2008

Tim Riggs joined us on today's hot ride of Bow Mountain

Wow! Tim Riggs made his Frenzy debut today, showing everyone he's made of pure salt and vinegar by riding his 2.3 metric ton classic mountain bike almost all the way to Cedar Brook Road on his first ride! Nice work, Tim.

Unfortunately, we lost Dr. Lenski somewhere along the climb. We thought we caught a glimpse of him floating uphill far ahead of us, but we quickly realized it was just paragliders. I think he felt the pace and itinerary were beneath him and took off for thinner air.

Dave and I took it easy. It was just too hot to be ambitious.

Tomorrow's Cleanup Day!

Join your Frenz tomorrow either at 7a @ the Southside Walnut Cafe or at 8a @ the Bald Mountain Parking Lot to take part in our inaugural Sunshine Canyon Drive cleanup.