Magnolia Super-Flag Ride Report

Jun 27, 2008

Dave says surgery went well, but his nurse isn't very nurturing

Knew chances of company were slim today, so when my inkling was confirmed outside Humanities, I decided to steer clear of Magnolia—like having an amigo when riding Boulder Canyon.

Thus amigo-less, I climbed high, nearly making the news myself when I barely avoided a low-speed collision with a fawn that walked right in front of me while climbing the 25% hairpin near Lost Gulch. Fortunately, I was going about 1mph, so there would've been no real news story.

The timing of the accident would've been perfect, however, as I saw ABC Denver News reporter Dayle Cedars in front of the camera at the Gregory Canyon trailhead. Wonder what she was covering? She's pregnant, by the way!

Report from Dave

Mr. Underwood was in great spirits this morning when I talked to him. The operation took four hours, and he hasn't needed any pain meds (no surprise, there).

He said he has "106 channels of crud to watch and a good book," so I think he'll make it through the day. He has another angiogram today and will need to spend the night, but he should be home tomorrow.

Good to hear you're well, Davey!