Valmont Rez Ride Report

Jun 26, 2008

Dave would be proud and jealous of us at the same time, for we had new blood join our ranks today: Hideo Kawanabe.

Much to Dave's chagrin, however, Hideo isn't the fluff newbie Dave's used to beating up on. He's going to be a formidable adversary, the more so since I let him in on all Dave's "rookie tricks." Anyhow, thanks for riding, Hideo!

Rob Leary, Mr. Mount Evans himself, also spun out east with us. Temps were just perfect with nice cloud-cover to boot. The fields are still green, but if this weather keeps up, all will soon be brown!

Once again, hope you're well Dave. Kevin has promised not to write those riotously funny comments that he always posts, lest we add to your already impressive laundry-list of injuries.