Sugarloafers Ride Report

Jun 25, 2008

This is the first decent cycling video I've seen; takes place in Tenerife, a shady place for pro-cyclists

Well, Dave's last ride before going under the knife was a good one: nice cloud cover and pleasant temperatures. In other words, Dave didn't have one of his "light-headed" episodes—his doctor frowns on that type of pre-surgery regime.

Anyhow, I managed to make it up to the burn area off Sugarloaf Mountain, which was quite nice. Apart from being treeless, there's no real sign that the area fried a few years ago. Au contraire, there were meadows of tall green grass and bright flowers.

Still, you can tell something's not quite right about the place. Somehow your eye detects that this shouldn't be an alpine zone. Funny that.

Wish Dave Well

Tomorrow at 0730, Dave gets cut open. Wish him well this afternoon if you have a minute.

Funny, Greg, now that I think about it, your theory about this surgery might not be that far from the truth. Dave's been talking a lot about cyborgs and such of late, and I simply shrugged it off—as I do with most of the tripe that dribbles out of his dehydrated trap.

Let's keep an eye on him when he's back, particularly if he's "recovered" early.