Poorman Fourmile Canyon Ride Report

Jun 24, 2008

Very nice spin up the canyon today, despite the hot, desiccating breeze. Lots of folks out on the road, which is great to see. Since I saw no one else out there, how did your lunches go?

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. Apparently CU is giving away limited edition BtWD tee-shirts at their UMC and Math stations, so get there early. Should be some good food too. If you haven't already, sign up now!

This morning, I went down to the county office and completed my Adopt-A-Road safety training. So, we're good to go for July 10: Frenzy Rubbish Day!

From Dave to Rob

Dave asked me to post this little message for Rob:

A tip of the Frenzy bowler to Rob Leary for pushing aside an impressive moraine of Matt Carpenter wannabes in Saturday's Mt. Evans road race. Great run Rob! Clearly, last week's taper and kid-glove treatment of Underwood the Elder paid off.

-DU (2:41, Mt. Evans Class of '99)

Rob, was it windy? Cold? How'd Maria do?