Fourmile Canyon Ride Report

Jun 3, 2008

Ride report, courtesy of Dave:

So nice not having to search Four Mile Creek for bodies today. SB and I briefly interrupted our Poorman ascent to help a couple look for their lost son. He'd been missing for over half an hour, and had disappeared while chasing butterflies. The creek was way high, and they were pretty sure he had tried to cross. Yikes. Call in the divers, break out the hooks. Other bikers stopped, cell phones were flipped open, and things were approaching meltdown. (One guy on a mountain bike was almost smacked by a Jeep as he crossed the road to join the search.) But then, just as some guy was dialing 9-1-1, SB mentioned seeing an old codger up the road, milling about like he was looking for a place to relieve himself. Case solved; that was him... the 62 year-old son (the dad was pushing ninety, mom a spry eighty-something).

Otherwise, a nice breezy trip up our favorite dirtpile. The top section could use a little rain - very loose.

That was an odd "search and rescue," eh? It was all I could do to keep Dave "Brook Trout" Underwood out of the roaring creek.