Old Stage Flagstaff Ride Report

Jun 2, 2008

Adriana and I were happy to be back in our stomping grounds this weekend!

Knew I shouldn't have been so ambitious on a Monday. Dave had a lunch date, and since he was the motivating force behind the Ye Oulde Stage ride, we decided to hold off until later this week for that adventure.

Instead, Greg and I spun up Flagstaff. Since Greg rode 50 miles this weekend as part of the Elephant Rock, he emphasized the "spin" part of today's ride.

I think we did a good job of riding easy. The rule was "you have to be able to sing" or you're going to fast. Funny, though, neither of us crooned the whole way. Spirit of the law, I suppose. Or perhaps we were content to cruise while comparing notes on Kimbo Slice.

In other news, you can tell it's summer on campus, because the Berlin Wall cordoning off Humanities is back in place. Very difficult to get to my office if you're on the south end of campus.

My woes pale in comparison to Dave's, though. Hopefully he'll regale y'all with his epic (or tragic?) commute story from this morning.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Werner!