Fourmile Sunshine Canyon Ride Report

May 30, 2008

Had I known, I would've tried to visit last week

Heading down University into a noticeable headwind, I decided to forgo the planned Fourmile ride in favor of the less traffic-prone Sunshine Canyon climb.

Well worth it too. The Indian Peaks are still coated with snow and stand in stark contrast to the cobalt blue sky.

But my motives for riding Sunshine went beyond a desire for nice scenery. I wanted to see if the "Adopt-A-Road" sign marking the upper end of our territory was in place. It is! I didn't have a camera, though, so no pix.

Dave and Kacey Jones have invited me to tag along for a Jamestown ride to the Merc tomorrow. K-No's outta town for a week or so, but anyone else wishing to join should present themselves at the Greenbriar Inn at 8am sharp.

Happy Weekend!

Greg Wins Award

For biking to work this week from the far off land of Broomfield, Greg has been awarded the Frenzy's "Commuter of the Week" award. The award is sponsored by The American Urinal Refurbishers Union, a real force in the fight for your right to pee upright.

Congrats, Greg!