Flagstaff Ride Report

May 27, 2008

The last in our Latvia video installments

After polling the regulars, I quickly ascertained that I was likely riding solo today. So informed, I decided to forgo the TCOM rendezvous and head directly up Flag from my office—sorry if that dashed anyone's plans.

Knowing it was gonna be a wet one, I packed a spare of just about everything and shoved off. Chautauqua and its environs are much greener than when I left, and the low clouds were reminiscent of some Hobbit scene.

Atop Flag, pea-soup fog lent a mystical air to the road, which was pleasantly devoid of tourist traffic. The only problem was the humidity. Had to take off my glasses for half the ride. Not a bad problem to have, though, if you ask me. Speaking of soup, I'm craving something warm.

Good to be back!