Spin Out East Report

May 20, 2008

Me, myself, and I today... I did the 51st to Neva Loop, dropped in at the Rez to take a dip, was appalled at the amount of signage done up in Helvetica Black. It gets worse every year; No Swimming Here, No Kayaking There, No Parking Between Here and There, No Sunbathing Over There By That Rock, No Music After 10PM, No Poetry Reading On Sundays. Who the hell is in charge out there? Did James Dobson and the president of Singapore have a love child? And how did they get a job w/ Boulder Parks and Rec? Is this what Hell will look like? There... I feel better now.

Morning Post

I'm thinking it might be a nice change to spin a bit today... Neva? Baseline Rez? Marshall loop? Whatever... If you want to give it a go (or have any other routes in mind), e-mail or call me (2-2672). I'm thinking noon-ish.

Greetings from Jurmala, Latvia!

Video covering the first few days of our trip to Latvia

Hey, boys! Greetings from Jurmala, Latvia—a longtime resort town on the Baltic Sea! Good to see Greg's taken the reigns and lifted this tripe of a blog out of the gutter! Good show, man!

The above video includes some scenes from old town Riga and from an open-air ethnographic museum showcasing the Latvian culture of yore. The folk music is from a group that was singing at said museum.

Overall, the trip's going well, but Adriana and I both agree that Latvia doesn't merit eight days. Oh well. We've biked once so far in London and once in Latvia. Haven't broken out our shorts at all; it's been rather cool.

Watching the Giro d'Italia live on t.v. now, so I can't complain. Looking forward to getting back into the saddle again with y'all. The more I travel, the more I'm convinced we live in one of the best spots in the world.