Fourmile Canyon Ride Report

Apr 28, 2008

Here's something to get you excited about the upcoming trail running season.

Although it was a little chillier than expected, conditions were perfect for riding up to Salina. Greg joined forces with me for today's sojourn, providing him with a nice respite from the chirp of his beeper—actually, it twittered once during the ride.

I would've paid good money to see Dave on a buff bike, but it's hard to know what that little bugger's going to do. One thing I'm going to hold him to, though, is an FAC. Dave, any headway?

Weekend Ride Report

Dave, Jones, Adriana, Kevin, and I decided to ride up to Jamestown this weekend, and of course we picked the worst of the two days possible. The weather was fine going up, but on the way down it was crazy, scary windy.

To make matters worse, Dave busted his bike frame, which now must be re-welded. That'll learn you for "welding" with soldering wire! Any pictures, Davey?