Flagstaff Ride Ride Report

Apr 23, 2008

I have very sneaky friends...but they're great ones!

With Dave deciding that walking up Kohler Mesa was the quickest way to compost his knees, Kevin and I were left to our own devices on Flagstaff today.

Conditions are great these days, and I'm getting into that strange cycle of wondering what I'm forgetting as I walk out my office door (because I'm so light—no cold-weather clothes). We put on our vests during the descent more out of habit than any true need.

On the way up, we served as rabbits for some dude who was determined to keep pace with us. He spent the whole ride yo-yo'ing behind us and breathing rather hard. I think he was actually a vessel for Dave reincarnate—a voodoo experiment gone desperately wrong.


This just in from Mr. Burton:

I'm flying into Colorado this Thursday. I have my fingers crossed that I can spend sometime in Denver/Boulder sooner rather than later.

Now I don't have to shoulder Dave's smack-talk all by myself. Thank goodness too. That old codger's got the mouth of a sailor!

K-No Proposes a Ride

Perhaps Kevin's idea can coincide with Matt's visit?

Now that it's getting nice and warm, what do you think about a weekend morning ride up to Jamestown for breakfast at the Merc?

I think it's a great idea, Kev! K-No's also proposing we play some frisbee golf out his way. I'm game.