Poorman Loop Ride Report

Apr 17, 2008

Rob is back from Columbia! Check out his trip photos!

He joined Adriana and me on Poorman Loop this afternoon. Mr. Leary was smarter than us too, because he rode a mountain bike rather than a road bike.

Conditions on Poorman Road were sloppy—the top layer of "road" consisted of a half-inch to inch of milkshake mud while the bottom layer was fairly hard-packed dirt. If the underlayer had been any mushier, Adriana and I wouldn't have been able to make it up. Needless to say, Rob's "John Deere" ate up the mud like hungry beast.

Now we gotta clean our bikes again, darn it!

Shout out to Dave, who's undergoing two veinograms today. Positive thoughts your way, bud!