Sunshine Flagstaff Ride Report

Apr 15, 2008

Always liked this commercial. (Looks like they zapped the audio)

Well, wouldn't you know it?! I delay today's Frenzy launch by an hour, relay the message to the regulars, and guess who studiously checked the blog before the update and showed up at the original rendezvous time? That's right, our friend Herr Doktor Lenski.

Don't give up on us, Noel. We'll get our act together soon. Hope you had a good ride.

As Underwood observed, Adriana and I had a late ride up Flagstaff this afternoon. And I did indeed make her do all the work. Marriage is great.

Too early for me to complain about it being too hot? I started to feel it during the warm-up. Then, as we crested Heartbreak Hill, whoosh! The breeze hit us hard, but it felt good today.

Looks like we'll have a quick left jab, right hook combo from winter tomorrow. Short-lived, though. So sad.