Poorman Fourmile Canyon Report

Apr 14, 2008

I buried my tee under ATLAS to curse Underwood...hence the strange odors for the first week (or two?)

Though the temperatures outside were reasonable this afternoon, the scorching temps in my head were unbearable. I seem to have picked up a bug somewhere.

Strange how I felt fine on the ascent, even during the two minutes or so of 180bpm. On the way down, however, I went through those fun hot/cold sweats, which is not what one needs to be bothered with when descending Boulder Canyon.

Anyhow, Dave joined in the fun today, and we both decided it's spring because we had to be wary of getting bees in our jerseys. When you get stung, you know it must officially be spring. I've been stung in my office long after getting out of the saddle.

So, Jennifer, you've gotta ride sometime soon! We'll all fake NYC accents.